Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Young Revolutionaries

There is a new chapbook. It features Chelsea Martin, Catherine Lacey, and Ellen Kennedy.

It is called Young Revolutionaries. It is very, very good. Blake Butler said:

"Someone told me that Oprah Winfrey, Bjork and the woman that was a woman before she turned into David Foster Wallace were writing a chapbook together. I got really excited and started burning other books cause fuck them. I got a tattoo of what I thought the book would look like on my small intestine and prayed every night for god to hurry. Then I heard about Chelsea Martin, Ellen Kennedy and Catherine Lacey's new chapbook coming out and I was all like fuck that other fucking book. Getting the new tattoo over the old hurt at first, but now at night I never feel afraid."

I sent unbound copies to Catherine Lacey, and she has sewn them together.

I will be sewing and sending copies of it to Chelsea and Ellen next.

I'm printing 50. Most of the copies will go to the authors. They can sell them to you at whatever price they want. The copies I have will be going to Powell's because Kevin Sampsell asked for them. If they make any money, I will be sending it to the authors.

This is a photo of the book, as sewn by Catherine Lacey.

I used Catherine's photo because she has fingers that are more attractive than mine.



it looks great, i am excited to readz


also, shane jones read your nc story at the reading, it was nice

ryan manning said...

the asian blake butler